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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jack Straw: His Determination to Subjugate and Demonise England and the English...

How the BBC chose to portray English nationalists in the year 2000, with Jack Straw denouncing us as violent bastards. William's there as he had his two penn'orth in the article.

Jack Straw: "I should be delighted to hold a debate on perceived threats to the Union, one of which is the unacceptable proposal for an English Parliament, with the implication that it is all very simple to deliver..."

Mr Straw also makes plain that he will only hold such a debate if he can find the time. The wishes of the electorate in England are not a priority. Also note that Mr Straw makes plain that the proposal is unacceptable. Of course. Open minded debate and fair legislation would probably put New Labour out in the cold in England and Mr Straw would have to get off the gravy train.

This New Labour fascist has made plain his hatred for the English on several occasions. Remember this from the BBC in 2000?

Home Secretary Jack Straw says the English had used their "propensity to violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland" on the Radio 4 programme Brits. The broadcast is examining what it now means to be British.

Mr Straw will describe the English as "potentially very aggressive, very violent" and will "increasingly articulate their Englishness following devolution."

This is not a reasonable view. It sounds terribly dramatic, but Mr Straw's statement is clear evidence of hatred for the English and England. Read the report

Mr Straw has clearly not changed. The man is an anti-English bigot and a dictator. Then. Now. Forever?


Sue Campbell

Strawman's comment about the English being potentially very aggressive, very violent, and his warning that they will "increasingly articulate their Englishness following devolution" points to two things.

1) Straw's hatred of the English, and his determination to subjugate and discredit them. Of course, being New Labour, he considers himself British and, being well-off, he doesn't suffer from the inequalities of devolution.

2) Straw's devious nature. He was fully aware even back then that the devolution settlement was not fair to England, knew that Englishness WOULD be increasingly articulated as a result, so sought to discredit Englishness and get recent immigrants and the chattering classes on side by inferring that anybody proclaiming themselves English and/or demanding parity for England was a thug.

The man is a complete and utter sleazeball.



Don't you think you're being a bit unfair to Jack Straw? You missed out the part about him wanting a positive sense of Englishness?

I reply...

And also the part about us being more European. Another dictate. I'm not against the EU, but I am as it currently stands. Take it to the people!

No, I don't believe I'm hard on Mr Straw. The man stated that the English are "potentially very aggressive, very violent", apparently more so than anybody else in the UK, and then gives a biased view of UK history painting England as whip master. What he says is untrue and, in my opinion, reveals some sort of loathing for England.

His peremptory rejection of calls from the majority of people in England for an English Parliament last week reveals that he is still dedicated to dictating to England and still has no sympathy for our plight.


Greg from Cumbria

I'm with you, Chris. Jack Straw is one of those grotty people who regards themselves as liberal fairness incarnate - and is actually exactly the opposite. The man is nothing more nor less than a conniving Little Hitler.

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