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Thursday, January 18, 2007

10 Downing Street E-Petition - Reply To English Parliament Petition...

For those of us who signed the recent e-petition on the 10 Downing Street web site, a reply to our demand for parity in the UK has now been provided by No 10. We asked for a referendum for the people of England, like that granted to Scotland, but instead have received, via Government dictate, the news that our status as second class citizens of the UK is assured for the forseeable future...

There are no plans to establish a separate parliament for England. The four components of the United Kingdom have their own histories and distinct national identities, as well as different administrative structures, size and population.

As a result, the Government believes that different approaches and solutions are appropriate to address the differences that exist between the components that comprise the United Kingdom. The starting point for England is not the same as it was in Scotland and Wales.

The Government believes that the establishment of an English Parliament would not be of real benefit to the people of England. As the population of England accounts for 84 per cent of the UK population, this would mean that an English Parliament would only be slightly smaller than the current UK Parliament.

Such a move would not, therefore, contribute significantly towards bringing people in England closer to the decision making process, which is one of the cornerstones of devolution. The Government therefore has no plans at present to provide for an English Parliament.

Different starting points? The Union began as a union of nations. Why are Scotland and Wales allowed to be nations and England not? The UK Government should not be in a position to dictate. It is made up of the nations, and should adhere to the wishes of each nation.

The people of England in several recent polls have made their wishes clear. They want an English parliament.

And devolution brings decision making closer to the electorate? Regionalisation in England takes it further away. How the counties/regions of England are governed is not the primary concern of the UK Government. It should be decided by the people of England, via national representation. By a national parliament. Just like the one awarded to Scotland.

Sorry, New Labour, your reply to our e-petition is another transparent piece of dictatorial nonsense.


Sue Campbell

It is up to us to decide how England is governed, and regions DO make local government more remote and unaccountable. Basically, we have a racist UK Government who have created a "Celtic" elite. They are entitled to the best of everything in Wales and (especially) Scotland, we get the dregs, are lorded it over, and HAVE to foot the bills for "Celtic" high living.


Richard Barrett

The UK Government is taking power away from the people in refusing a referendum for England. No UK nation should be a PRISONER of the UK Government.

The UK Government is a corrupt monster, a haven for gravy train riders, EU career seekers and Scottish Rajists - committed to the continued abuse of England and its people.

This blog is supportive of the aims of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but is in no way connected.