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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

11 Westminster MPs Wish For Democracy In England. The Rest?

It's a disgrace, but only 11 Westminster MPs have so far signed Frank Field's EDM:

EDM 670



Field, Frank

That this House notes that those polls that have questioned the English report a clear majority in favour of an English parliament; and further notes that it is this issue, and not Scottish independence or even House of Lords reform, that is the issue that voters now put at the top of their priorities for constitutional reform.

If you haven't already done so, please write to your MP urging that he/she signs this EDM. It's all made incredibly quick and easy here.

Basically, only eleven Westminster MPs are interested in what the electorate in England thinks about the way the country should be governed. Meanwhile, people are still left to die for want of cancer treatments available elsewhere in the UK on the NHS, and arrogant Scots imperialists still crack the whip over our heads, whilst our MPs grow rich and fat.

And do nothing.

As my wife Maria asks, if Westminster is not there to represent the electorate, what is it for?


Drew & Fiona

We wrote to our Cambridgeshire MP, James Paice, several days ago requesting that he takes note of the recent poll results and signs the EDM. No reply so far. And he hasn't signed the EDM either. Things are getting way out of hand when MPs think themselves above the will of the electorate and don't even see a need to justify their actions. This is dictatorship writ large.

This blog is supportive of the aims of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but is in no way connected.