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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Songs Of Praise: The BBC And Aled Jones - More Anti-English Bias

Scilla Cullen, of the Campaign for an English Parliament, has noted yet another example of anti-English bias on the BBC. You know, the English are to be referred to as "British", the Scots and Welsh by name? As with the outrageous anti-English The Surgery feature, on BBC Radio 1, this latest outrage involves a Welshman called Aled - this time the 1980s choir boy Aled Jones. Scilla has written to the BBC.

Songs of Praise 18th January 2009

The Welshman Aled Jones refers to the ENGLISH heroine Grace Darling as “one of Britain’s best loved heroines”. You can be sure that if she had been Welsh he and the BBC would have made sure that her origins were well advertised. However because she was English you deny her identity. Shame on you. You always ignore your own editorial instructions to differentiate between English and British when that would confer an English identity on a hero or heroine or an English achievement. This bias is institutional. You have a series on Scottish history but those on English history are always called British.

Scilla Cullen
Chairman, Campaign for an English Parliament

The BBC's anti-English/anti-England bias is getting beyond on a joke. Remember all their on-line stuff about the Olympics and how the English were always referred to as "British" and the Scots and Welsh as Scots and Welsh? Recall it here.

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