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Monday, January 12, 2009

Gordon Brown - Another Racist Hypocrite

As stated before, I in no way condone Prince Harry's use of the "Paki" word, but I do find it hard to keep quiet when hypocritical politicians move in to disapprove.

Take Gordon Brown: this man abuses England, the largest and most cosmopolitan UK nation, to an alarming degree. He isn't even accountable to his own constituents for around 75% of the legislation his Government passes, as these lucky people have their own Scottish Parliament. And the people who are affected, the people of England, cannot vote him out.

Gordon Brown thinks that the people of England should die for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland. Indeed, he swiped £2bn from the English NHS in his last act as Chancellor, leaving the Scots and Welsh services (already more highly funded thanks to subsidies from England) intact. He thinks health apartheid, the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula are great.

And Gordon Brown's loyalties are to a tiny minority - the Scots in Scotland. To this end, he signed the 1988 Scottish Claim of Right (in 1989):

We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount.

And he has NEVER renounced that Claim.

Gordon Brown seeks to break up England into tin-pot artificial EU regions, whilst ensuring that his fellow country people up in Scotland are treated as an elite.

As, legally, charges of racism can be brought on grounds of nationality, it is clear that Gordon Brown is guilty of the most appalling acts of racism against every man, woman and child in England.

And he has absolutely no right to go passing judgement on others. I think that Prince Harry's use of the "Paki" word was unacceptable. But I find Gordon Brown's hatred and spite against the people of England much more so.

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