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Friday, August 22, 2008

The BBC And The Welsh At The Olympics - The Welsh Really Are Not British

"Just call that lot from England 'British'", says the BBC. "Bloody rabble. That's one country we simply WILL NOT recognise..."

"But here's a Welshman. He's Welsh! From Wales! Pure and strong and noble..." - the BBC goes overboard for David Davies and the Welsh, Welshness, Wales, etc, etc...

The BBC is still at it - flagging up to the Welsh (and Scots) and calling only the English "British" at the Olympics.

Swimmer David Davies has added to Wales' best Olympics medal tally for 88 years by winning silver in the 10km open-water swim.

Davies, 23, led for most of the race only be overhauled by Dutchman Maarten van der Weijden, who finished 1.5 seconds ahead in one hour 59.6 seconds. "It's going to take a while for it to sink in, but it's a proud moment for me," said the Welshman.

"I like swimming from the front, but the final section was a blur."

Davies took an early lead, but could not hold on against the Dutchman's late challenge.

The Welshman's was Britain's third open-water medal after Keri Anne-Payne and Cassie Patten won silver and bronze respectively in the women's race.

Davies' efforts ensured Wales had another Olympic hero to toast amid the Great Britain Beijing gold-rush sparked by cyclist Nicole Cooke.

And swimmer David Davies is so proud of Wales. "I'm really proud of Wales' achievements at this Olympics. It looks to become an incredibly memorable Games for a proud sporting nation and I want to be a part of that."

But Wales is not competing as a nation. Nor even as Wales, come to that.

And the BBC headline reads: Davies Extends Welsh Medal Haul. So he's really not British? And Wales is competing in the Olympics and has done so for years?

Wales won four golds in 1920 as Paulo Radmilovic and Christopher Jones were part of the victorious water polo team while Cecil Griffiths and John Ainsworth-Davies were in the 4x400m team that won gold.

Reality check - surely WALES hasn't won anything in the Olympics? Surely it's Team GB? Proud to be British and all that baloney? The same stuff we English are force fed?

But the BBC goes on (and on), celebrating "Wales' Olympic Roll Of Honour".

How come?

ITN also calls Davies a Welshman - apparently he behaved in a very... er... Welsh way. Well, it can't be British, can it? Davies is Welsh. Only the English are British.

The Welshman was talking to the press about his performance when an official tried to guide him towards his medal ceremony.

Davies turned to the official and said: "Will you shut up, please!"

But the official continued to interrupt Davies, who threw the contents of his water bottle at her.

Oh dear. Perhaps she was English, er, I mean British?

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