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Thursday, January 15, 2009

John McDonnell - Heathrow Third Runway Plan: A Disgrace To The Democracy Of This Country

From the BBC:

A Labour MP has been suspended from the House of Commons for five days after angry exchanges over the decision to approve a new Heathrow runway.

John McDonnell was sanctioned after he picked up the mace, the ornamental club which represents the royal authority of Parliament, in a breach of protocol.

The Hayes and Harlington MP said the decision not to hold a vote on the runway was a "national disgrace".

Anyone manhandling the mace is considered in contempt of Parliament.


During a statement by Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon on Heathrow Mr McDonnell left his seat, grabbed the mace - which dates from the reign of Charles II - and put it down on an empty bench on the Labour side of the House.

While doing so, he shouted: "It's a disgrace to the democracy of this country."

The runway will wipe the village of Sipson from the map. Ironically, Gordon Brown, who presides over the current UK Government, could not inflict the same horrors on his own constituents as the Scottish Parliament controls their planning procedures.

Whatever happened to democracy? Whatever happened to accountability?

In England it is dead.

Thanks to the Scottish Raj at Westminster, unaccountable-to-England MPs representing Scots and Welsh constituencies, and MPs representing English constituencies who resolutely refuse to represent England's local or national interests, keeping their snouts buried deep in the trough.


Well done to John McDonnell, even if he's only just become aware that something's rotten in Westminster Heaven.

Take a look at the broader issues, John.


“Gordon Brown has introduced a Bill specifically designed to circumvent current planning law and force a third runway through” - Susan Kramer MP

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