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Friday, January 30, 2009

The 25th British Social Attitudes Report - More Cooked Up Nonsense To Make The English Look Happy With Inequality In The UK...

The 25th British Social Attudes report is, like other recent examples, apparently largely cobbled together to keep the people of England squarely under the undemocratic cosh of the UK Government.

Would we rather be governed by a "new" English Parliament OR by Westminster? Er, I'd like to be governed by an English Parliament AT Westminster, it's the traditional location of English Government. But the phrasing of the BSA report carries hints that a new building will have to be forked out for if an English Parliament were established! Once more the bogus, "cost" issue is vaguely wafted about. It's all in the word "new" - new usually costs!

And then there is a very undemocratic tick box response to the question:

With all the changes going on in the way different parts of Great Britain are run, which of the following do you think would be best for England?

There are three options, and the second one is:

b) Each region of England should have its own regional assembly that runs services like health

But we shouldn't HAVE regions - the North East, the only area allowed a referendum, voted 78% NO to them!

Some of the questions are carefully phrased, water muddying is going on as per usual, but one finding stands out a mile and cannot be disguised: 61% of those surveyed think that Scots MPs should not be allowed to vote on English issues!

I must go to bed now, work looms in about seven hours - but Gareth has lots more on the BSA Report - I strongly recommend a visit to Toque.


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