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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lucy Newman: Anti-English Scots' Racism - Violence On The Streets, And Inequalities Heaped Upon Us By The UK Parliament (Thanks, Gordon!)

Lucy Newman was punched in the face in Scotland simply for sounding English. As fact has it, she is in fact English, but had lived in Scotland since she was four years old. 'Get back to ******* England - English *******!' her Scots attacker shouted at her.

The attack severed nerves behind her eye, blacked both her eyes and broke her cheekbone. Her face may need reconstructive surgery.

Horrendous, isn't it? As is the anti-English racism (and charges of racism CAN be brought on grounds of discrimination against any nationality) perpetuated by Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and the Scottish Raj (health apartheid included), whilst arrogant, trough guzzling UK MPs representing English constituencies stand idly by.

It's on the streets of Scotland and Wales (for a recent Welsh incident see here). It's at Westminster and in the European Parliament. Anti-English racism is everywhere.


From The CEP News Blog:

Where is David Cameron’s condemnation of this latest racist assault by a Scot on an English person? Or are his laughable ambitions for a Conservative resurgence in Scotland too important to risk upsetting the Scots? If there is English ignorance of Scotland and the Scots then it is amongst the out-of-touch, British political class typified by David “I’ve got Scottish blood coursing through my veins” Cameron.

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  1. As a Scot i was sickened when i read this. The world is going through a war and has hit a huge credit crunch. We are in a tough period right now i believe we should be supporting each other and being friendly. Racism should not be an issue but unfortunately it's an issue some people have to go through on a regular basis. To Lucy i wish her a speedy recovery and hope that she will not need any surgery on her beautiful face, and the thug(s) that did this DO NOT represent Scotland they on represent themselves and what's wrong in Scotland !