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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yet More Anti-English Racism in Scotland. And David Cameron And Gordon Brown Do Not Condemn It!

The CEP News Blog is putting out some great articles at the moment.

Earlier this week it was reported that a woman in Aberdeen had been viciously assaulted by a Scottish racist who targeted her because she was English.

Now it appears that the Scottish racists have struck again, this time forcing an English family from their home in Paisley.

Despite leaving several messages for his press secretary, there’s still no comment from David Cameron on the racist attack earlier this week and no doubt he’ll remain silent over the latest racist attack and the wider problem of anti-English racism in Scotland which even the Scottish police admit is a serious problem.

I also expect David Blunkett will remain silent rather than calling on the Scottish to reclaim their flag from the racists like he famously told the English we must do to stop the racism of the British National Party.

And even more interestingly is this from the Comments thread:

"The problem is not the individual case although that is bad enough but that the Scots (and others) have been taught that abusing the English is acceptable. From the execrable Braveheart, Jack McConnell, Andy Murray, David Cameron and many others in my personal experience. I had a perfectly nice, sane and intelligent Scottish colleague who informed me that she hated the English because of what we had done to Scotland. Speaking for myself and all my relations, including those that are deceased, we have done nothing to Scotland. We are not responsible for past history (in which the Scots invaded England more often than the English invaded Scotland) nor for the activity of the British government."

Many Scots thrive on hating the English - it is one of their largest motivating factors. And that hatred is formed by centuries of anti-English lies and scapegoating. The same is true in many parts of Wales.

The only way England can get a fair deal is by breaking away from its Union prison. And with MPs representing English constituencies grunting merrily around the piggery that is Westminster, allowing the evil Scottish Raj to do exactly as it pleases, that is not going to be easy.


  1. I live in scotland with my family (we are English) and the amount of racism abuse we have had to put up with is unbelievable. It has got so bad now that even I myself am becoming to hate the Scots myself. My kids are always targeted. He has been surrounded at his school by pupils, been told to go back to England you english B****** and has had fingers stuck up at him by adults. And when I say adults, I dont mean men. Yes women. I dont give a sh** anymore because if I get anymore shit from any off the racist bastards, then I will fly off the handle n do some serious damage as the police dont want to know n my kids aint gonna put up with their sh** anymore. F*** em all. They wanna grow up and stop living in Braveheart times.

  2. I too live in Scotland and am English, and even among my friends, if I had a pound for every time i hear "no offence, I know you're English, but...." followed by some condemnation of England,I would be a rich woman. We are now in the process of moving back to England and I can't wait to be back somewhere that is essentially far more open minded and tolerant than the narrow minded bigoted Scots. England - you should be proud of your attitude and promote it even further - don't be dragged down by inward looking,intolerant idiots