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Sunday, January 11, 2009

David Cameron, Racist, Criticises Prince Harry For Racist Comment

Good grief, here's David Cameron, criticising Prince Harry for his racist "Paki" remark, which I in no way condone, whilst backing UK discrimination - racism - against every single resident of England!

Speaking of Prince Harry's comment, Mr Cameron told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show:

"It is obviously a completely unacceptable thing to say and it is right that he has apologised.

"I think that it is important in the great institutions, whether it is the Army or whether it is political parties, we have had to root out attitudes... and that has to go right across the institutions."

Heavens to Betsy - but Mr Cameron thinks it is perfectly fine for people in England to die for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland! He thinks it's fine for the Scots and Welsh to be subsidised by the electorate in England to enjoy better health and social care services than those in England. He brags jingoistically about his family's involvement in a Scottish Empire" (note - not "BRITISH"!) - "conquered all sorts of parts of India" whilst calling people in England who want equality with Scotland "sour little Englanders"; he brags about "Scottish blood" in his veins (some sort of white tribe, are they?).

He slagged off the English to the Scots at a time when Scots' racist violence against the English was making headlines.

On Tyneside a couple of days ago, Cameron basically told everybody in England to get stuffed:

One member of the audience complained of the huge differences between services in the North East and Scotland.

She complained that free prescriptions, university tuition and care for the elderly in England should be a priority issue for any Cameron Government.

Mr Cameron responded: “I don’t want to do anything that will encourage a sense of English nationalism and distance between the two countries.”

But Scotland having all these priviliges that the English don't enjoy is creating a sense of "distance".

In short, David Cameron is a racist himself. Before you write to tell me that the English are not a race, charges of racism can be brought on grounds on nationality, and before you write and tell me that Cameron is English, I don't believe it. His loyalty is not to England. He treats us with contempt. David Cameron is an arrogant Brit-Scot, and a racist. It's time the Tories ditched this outrageous hypocrite.

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