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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stuart Cosgrove, Director Nations And Regions - Just One Reason Why Channel 4 Hates England And The English

From Britologywatch:

Channel 4 used to be edgy and innovative; now it just seems to churn out the same old formula programming and anti-English bias as all the other terrestrial channels.

But of course, old matey. Channel 4 has joined the UK Government in abolishing England, wothout a say-so from the electorate/viewers, and despite the North East of England, the only area allowed a referendum on regionalisation, voting 78% NO.

But never mind democracy. Like the UK Government, Channel 4 has no time for such a concept when it comes to England and now has a "Director of Nations and Regions" (because England is not a nation, of course). The nations are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England does not exist.

Channel 4's Director of Nations And Regions is one Stuart Cosgrove, a Scottish journalist, not noted for his love of the English, but very much noted for his love of Scotland, his homeland.

So, there you go.

Read Stuart Cosgrove's Wikipedia entry here.

In the TV clip at the bottom of this post, Stuart Cosgrove is actually billed as "Director Nations And Regions 1997-present", which must be a lie as devolution hadn't happened in 1997 and "nations and regions" were unheard of! Perhaps Stuart Cosgrove was originally director of regions - areas outside London. Seems, Mr Cosgrove, there has been a little tweaking since devolution - which is, of course, completely in line with UK Government policy and brainwashing (lets make the English think "nations and regions" have ALWAYS been a facty of life) and in the interests of England-hating Little Scotlanders and Little Walesians everywhere!

The CEP News Blog has this on the "Nations and Regions" coinage, which is almost certainly post-1997 - because back then there was only one nation - the UK. Scotland and Wales had no government other than Westminster.

Interestingly, the “nations and regions” political spin so loved by Gordon Brown appears to be a Scottish idea from The Institute of Governance at the University of Edinburgh.

Actually from a Scottish or Welsh perspective, “nations and regions” does have a certain logic in relation to the disproportionate size, population and influence of England as a UK territory - makes things appear a lot more equal and proportionate. Unfortunately, from an English perspective its insulting.

And to end on, here's Stuart Cosgrove, Director "Nations And Regions", 1997-present day. Or so he claims.

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