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Sunday, January 11, 2009

David Cameron Reveals His Anti-English Bias Yet Again

Quite a lot of folk I have spoken to in the past have told me that David Cameron is not anti-English. He is simply a Unionist.

So, when he calls people in England wanting equality with Scotland "sour Little Englanders", nips over to Scotland and tells the Scots that the English are basically ignorant and unappreciative of them (and this around the time of racist attacks on English people wearing England football shirts in Scotland), and then nips back to England to bleat on about the part certain of his ancestors played in the "Scottish Empire" and the "Scots blood" in his veins (there's no such thing!), we're supoosed to think it's because he values the Union.

The fact that the Barnett Formula and West Lothian Question do such terrible things to the people of England is not supposed to matter.

Well, I'm sorry, but I've NEVER believed that Mr Cameron is only a Unionist. I believe that, like many of his ilk, part Scots, privately educated, politically correct, and insulated from the woes of modern day life, that he does not like England nor care for its people at all.

Occasionally, Mr Cameron muddies the water, by claiming to be "English", but his other comments negate those witterings. He merely seeks to confuse.

One gets the impression that Mr C does not hold any different views from the Scottish Raj and the current shameful shower of MPs "representing" constituencies in England infesting Westminster today. And that the sufferings of the people of England would continue under his leadership.

Gareth came across this report about David Cameron's recent visit to Tyneside:

One member of the audience complained of the huge differences between services in the North East and Scotland.

She complained that free prescriptions, university tuition and care for the elderly in England should be a priority issue for any Cameron Government.

Mr Cameron responded: “I don’t want to do anything that will encourage a sense of English nationalism and distance between the two countries.”

So, he's happy to spout jingoistic nonsense about the "Scottish Empire" and to slag off the English in Scotland, he's happy for the English to die for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland, but he is not happy for the people of England to realise what is going on. He is certainly not happy for the people of England to wake up to the fact that England is a country and it is being abused.

What a complete and utter unreasonable... person... David Cameron is.

We have lots about David Cameron, his treatment of England, his thoughts on his family's part in the "Scottish Empire" (note NOT "British!!), and MORE here.

Big hat-tip to Toque!

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