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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fiona Bruce - Radio Times - Bigging Up Scottish Ancestry, But What About English?

We don't know who Fiona Bruce actually is, as we don't watch modern TV at all, but this Radio Times cover made us feel slightly ill. More Scots pride. More posturing. Can you bear it? Apparently, it's all in aid of a BBC show called Who Do You Think You Are? What's the betting that English participants will not be getting a lovely pride-filled Radio Times cover to themselves? In fact they'll probably be referred to as "British". I imagine if the surname "Bruce" had belonged to an English participant, the BBC would place great emphasis on its French origins - more here.

With all that's going on, especially the racist attacks on the English in Scotland, the cover strikes us as the height of bad taste. Do we really want it on our coffee tables? Sadly, as we all know, Scots' pride can be a dangerous thing. Especially if you're English.

More here.

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  1. Fiona Bruce? Maybe she's related to 'Robert the'- that well known Norman French Scots patriot who was born in Essex?

    (But the nats in Scotland have very obviously tried to get his birthplace relocated up to their patch!)