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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Uncaring David Cameron - The Union Comes Before English Lives!

David Cameron has been in Scotland again telling the Scottish Conservative Conference: "I am passionate about our Union. I do not want to be the prime minister of England. I want to be prime minister of the United Kingdom - all of it, including Scotland."

But the Scots also have a First Minister and a parliament to represent their interests. England doesn't and David Cameron seems perfectly happy for that state of affairs to continue.

"Better an imperfect Union than a broken one. Better an imperfect Union than a perfect divorce. My answer is simple. I choose the United Kingdom."

It fascinates me that David Cameron sees fit to condone an "imperfect Union" when it is only England that is disadvantaged.

It fascinates me that David Cameron has a pronounced jingoistic streak that prompts him to brag of "Scottish blood" in his veins and that certain of his ancestors "...were Scottish Empire builders - conquered all sorts of parts of India, I think."

Mr Cameron has roundly attacked those in England calling for equality as "sour little Englanders". He has told various Scots audiences that the English need to understand the Scots better and that the English are basically rather thoughtless and insensitive types - to say the least!

The truth is that the English do not have the same democratic representation as the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish. The truth is that English lives are not valued as highly as those elsewhere in the UK. The truth is that public services for the English are not funded as well as those in other parts of the UK.

The most dreadful discrimination is levelled against every citizen of England. And David Cameron plays it down. He slags off the English to the Scots. He says he favours an "imperfect Union" above no Union - and damn England. Damn you.

David Cameron plays down or ignores the absolutely horrendous facts of life in the devolved "UK". Like health apartheid:

A grandmother battling lung and brain cancer is paying £1,500 a month for the drug that is keeping her alive - even though it is free on the NHS in Scotland.

Carol Rummels, 60, was given just two months to live when doctors discovered tumours in her lungs and on her brain.

A year after her diagnosis, she is still fighting and, thanks to the £5,000 she has spent on the drug Tarceva, her tumours are shrinking.

If she had lived 285 miles north, the lifesaving drug would be free.

Read the full story here.

Mr Cameron told the Scottish Conservative Conference: "Being British is one of the most successful examples of inclusive civic nationalism in the world. We can be a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith multi-national society can and should be."

Really? Newcomers to England are only offered a "British" option. Englishness is not on offer to them. Politicians seem to thrive on this divide and rule tactic, demonising Englishness as "exclusive" and "racist" in the process. Many Scots and Welsh people have long bitterly rejected Britishness. The English have seen their own country and their own national institutions submerged beneath a suffocating blanket of Britishness.

Wonderfully inclusive Britishness, with equality for all?

Why isn't Mr Cameron expressing outrage about health apartheid, the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula? Why isn't he expressing outrage on behalf of people like Mrs Rummels?

Answers please - and Mr Cameron, what have you got to say for yourself? And what do you say to the likes of Mrs Rummels?
To recap, at the conference, Mr Cameron said: "Better an imperfect Union than a broken one. Better an imperfect Union than a perfect divorce. My answer is simple. I choose the United Kingdom."

But then of course, Mr Cameron doesn't have to depend on the English NHS, does he?

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