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Friday, June 06, 2008

"It's All At The CO-OP Now!" - Scottish, Welsh, British But Not English

Today we trundled down to our local Co-operative supermarket, the dear old CO-OP, to check out the situation regarding flags on packaging. We found the Scots flag on some meat and fish products.

We found the Welsh flag on some meat products.

We found the British flag on a variety of products - including English meat products.

But we found no trace of an English flag.

"British" = English, Scottish and Welsh. The Co-op is yet another supermarket which sees fit to recognise Scotland and Wales but totally ignore England.

UPDATE: "Cornubian" has written to say that Cornwall is also excluded from the national flags on the packaging at the Co-op. Interesting point, although personally, until there has been a referendum on the subject and the people have actually voted for independence for Cornwall, I do not believe that Cornish produce should carry the "Cornish" flag - unless it is coupled with an English one. Being half-Scot myself, I have grave concerns about the whole exclusive "Celtic" thing which is so much a part of Cornish nationalism.

I have written on this subject here and here.

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