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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kent Online Displays Its Ignorance On The English Parliament Issue And Stuart Wheeler Loses...

Kent Online displays its ignorance and trivialises the English Parliament issue by claiming it's got us "hot under the stiff upper lip" (surely that's "British"?!) and allowing the final say in its quoted comments to go to somebody with no grasp of the facts at all:

Robbie Craig from Dungeness, said: “ The only point of new government tiers is if they increase the accountability of politicians and bring important decisions closer to the electorate. An English Parliament would not do that.

“Better to have regional government and local government with real power.”

What is the gentleman on about? Non-accountable Scottish MPs, including our Prime Minister, rule us!

Surely the internal government of England should be decided by the electorate in England? All that was on offer was tinpot regional assemblies, which still allowed non-accountable MPs to decide crucial national issues pertaining to England. And health apartheid and the West Lothian Question are running absolutely rampant.

Don't get me wrong, a cross section of opinion is inportant, but the final paragraphs of an article carry great weight. Shame on you, Samantha Payne and Kent Online!

Meanwhile, Stuart Wheeler has lost his case to stop the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty - and even whilst the matter was sub-judice, the arrogant UK Government, headed by no mandate Prime Minister Gordon Brown and including non-objective beneficiaries of the EU Pension Fund like Neil Kinnock, went ahead with discussing and voting on the matter, and the Queen gave it royal assent!

Another bad day for democracy - and one which casts doubt on the honesty of our legal system.

My only comfort is that in the long term dictatorships never prosper. But I shudder at the thought of the damage that will be done before the downfall of this one.

UPDATE: Stuart Wheeler to appeal! Well done that man! He is speaking for an awful lot of people!

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