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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ireland Says No, The EU Says Ignore It...

That arch Nu Labour/EU puppet the BBC is wittering on about just over three million people (in Ireland) deciding the future of the EU for 490 million people. Bad piece of reporting. No other electorate has been given a say on the EU Constitution - or "Lisbon Treaty" as it is now known.

Meanwhile, David Miliband says ratification will continue. With no hope of the people of Britain having a say at all. He says a "British view" is important. Of course, he means the British political elite.

Angela Merkel is, of course, pushing for ratification as well: "We are convinced that the agreed reforms included in the Lisbon Treaty are necessary to make EU more democratic and more efficient and that they will enable Europe to meet the challenges confronting the European citizens."

"Agreed reforms"? WHO agreed them, Ms Merkel?

The political elite is now pushing its dangerous agenda too far. Dictatorships do not flourish.

Meanwhile, Devils Kitchen has come up with a lovely gift idea for the no mandate UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown...

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