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Monday, June 16, 2008

Radio Two, Gordon Brown and Other Topics...

Being thoroughly caught up with the campaign to secure England democratic parity, and seething at the unjust and undemocratic processes of the EU, I often feel shocked when I encounter the world outside - a world which smugly ignores the realities.

Today, I was subjected to four hours of BBC Radio Two. The Lisbon Treaty didn't seem to exist there - the main news story was about the Scottish Parliament and a move to make 21 the minimum age for buying alcohol. This was obviously in line with the recent BBC report claiming that Auntie spends too much time on "English" news stories - and ignoring the fact that Scotland has its own dedicated national BBC service, whilst England doesn't. The main story was of direct interest only to a tiny minority.

By the way, I didn't hear the word "England" mentioned once outside of the weather forecasts (which referred to "England and Wales" and then "Scotland" separately), and I didn't hear the word "English" once, either.

The Lisbon Treaty was not mentioned at all, instead a lot of air time was devoted to a Kilroy style "discussion" about youth offenders being forced to do community service in pink tabards to disgrace them in front of the general public (an unseemly row between two individuals ensued - such "entertainment", eh, folks?!!). Meanwhile, Steve Wright, comic hero of 1980s Radio One, appears to have become a smug bastard - whose playlist and attitude would disgrace the humblest of local radio stations.

Returning home, I consulted the Witanagemot and discovered that Gordon Brown, no mandate PM and signer of the Scottish Claim of Right in 1989, vowing to put Scottish interests first, had said:

"The legal position on the European treaty is very clear, that all 27 members must sign and therefore ratify the treaty before it comes into force.

"It is for each member to decide its own process for doing so and we will continue the process of debating this in the House of Lords and then (it will have) royal assent."

Thanks to the PJC Journal for informing me of the fact that Gordon Brown is continuing to be an undemocratic shit - a piece of news which I regard as being of the utmost interest to the population of the so-called UK.

Carry on with your slanging matches, Scottish bias and clouding of facts, Auntie Beeb. I get the feeling that your days are numbered.

The BBC as it currently stands cannot be allowed to go on much longer.

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