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Monday, June 23, 2008

"Britishness" Foisted On English Schools By UK Government

Of course, "Britishness" suits Gordon Brown down to the ground. He is fearful that the devolution project, which sees the Scots and Welsh far better treated than their counterparts in England, will come to the attention of the people of England and cause him, as an unelected and largely unaccountable (his constitiency is in Scotland) Prime Minster problems.

And so school pupils in England are to be indoctrinated as British citizens under the Scottish Raj.

The "Britishness" thing is, of course, being vaunted as being inclusive and non-racist. Which an inclusive English civic identity could also be. As "Britishness" is not being taught in Scots and Welsh schools, it's easy to see the UK Government's agenda.

If you have school age children why not request that they don't attend these indoctrination sessions? For that is what this is - indoctrination - designed to keep the people of England divided and under the cosh of the UK Government.

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