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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anti-English And Absurd Asda

Seeking a supermarket that does not flag up Scottishness and ignore Englishness, we today tried our local Asda. We hadn't gone far into the store, when my wife called: "Look at this!" And we saw the above labels. The usual thing. British and Scottish as separate entities.

As always, we reflected that the whole "British" nationality actually came about because of the union of Scotland and England, and that the Saltire is also featured as part of the Union Flag.

We're aware that some English cheese on sale in Asda bears the Cross of St George. And we're well aware of the effort made by one individual to achieve this. But elsewhere Asda is failing as dismally as Tesco and Sainsbury's to recognise the fact that England exists, and deserves the same recognition as Scotland.

We found the labels pictured above absurd and offensive.

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