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Friday, June 13, 2008

Good For Ireland - But Will The Undemocratic EU Carry On Regardless?

The Republic of Ireland has said "NO" to the Lisbon Treaty. Good for it! I wish I could feel optimistic that this will put the brakes on the undemocratic EU - but I fear not. The voice of the people doesn't count in this scenario.

One of the biggest pro-EU undemocratic gits is, of course, Scotland's very own Gordon Brown, apparently "our" PM (without a mandate). You know, the guy who signed the Scottish Claim Of Right in the 1980s, promising to put Scotland's interests first? The chappie who heads a government which passes legislation the majority of which does not affect his own constituents?

And it was this completely undemocratic geezer who signed us up to the Lisbon Treaty, having mouthed bullshit about a referendum in the past.

Well, Mr Brown, I now want the same rights as the people of the Republic of Ireland - I want a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty - and furthermore I want accountable national government for my own country, England. I want an end to health apartheid, the West Lothian Question, the endless anti-English "Celtic" racism practiced in the so-called UK.

And as well as all this I want you to fuck off.

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