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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The BBC - Another Attack On England... Sorry, I mean "The Regions"...

With all its dedicated national services for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and its usual complete refusal to admit that England and the English exist, splitting our nation up into artificial regions with no dedicated national English services, Auntie Beeb has now decided that BBC News has “a general bias in favour of stories about England”.

Um, is that because England is much larger than the "devolved nations"? And the BBC is not covering stories about England really. Rarely does it let that word escape its priggish and bigoted lips. There is absolutely NO national BBC service for England, unlike Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

From The Times Online:

The Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish never cease to complain that the BBC is really the English Broadcasting Corporation. Despite its chorus of regional accents, they imagine that it is full of metropolitan luvvies who venture beyond the M25 only rarely and in trepidation.

The BBC Trust's review of coverage of UK nations and regions suggests that it has embraced the same implausible view. It claims that BBC journalism is failing the UK's devolved nations and favouring England. It is utterly wrong.

By examining only UK network news, the trust has ignored whole swaths of the BBC's own journalism. Since devolution, Scots have had dedicated coverage of the Holyrood Parliament and a national news programme of their own. BBC Scotland opts out of Newsnight to transmit Newsnight Scotland. Wales is equally well supplied. BBC Northern Ireland provides for Ulster appetites on radio, television and online.

This expensive reality is overlooked by the report's assertion that BBC news shows “a general bias in favour of stories about England”.

Read the full article here.

It's time we disbanded the BBC. It's simply not fair minded enough to broadcast. Its instinctive anti-England bias is now way beyond ignoring.

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