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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Michael writes:

Cornwall has never, ever been a nation. Nor was Wales until devolution. So why is the British Nationalists In Wales map you feature entitled "our nations", and why do so many left-wing bloggers support devolution for Cornwall? Many Cornish nationalists I know are simply racists, who have been fed baloney about the English and hate people of other colours and creeds.

I suppose there is a sense of "restore our nationhood" in the Cornish nationalists' argument - and, of course, that's inaccurate. There is an element of misguidedness and racism too, and you are quite right, Wales was never a nation in the modern sense until the 1990s.

But I cannot negate the Cornish argument or right to independence. Not all nationalists are bigoted racists, and if Cornwall wants to go it alone then it should be allowed to. We should be living in a democracy. The only thing I will never agree with is Cornwall going it alone and having huge subsidies from the rest of England, which is pretty much what is happening with Scotland and, increasingly, with Wales.

The British Nationalists In Wales blog is an interesting one, and I know several left-wing bloggers who regard the notion of "Anglo Saxon" Englishness as racist but are quite happy to regard the Scots, Welsh, "Cornish" and Irish as "Celts", which is also a racist notion.

Much needs sorting. But I don't believe that anything will be unless the people speak up, start speaking to each other, and the elements of priggishness, bigotry and double standards are examined and debunked.