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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Green Party - About As Much Use As A Nuclear Accident...

Why do Green Party/Campaign For Rural England campaigners often display the most appalling ignorance of the political make-up of the UK post-devolution? Are they feigning? And why don't they question Ministers about the role non-accountable MPs have in pushing through legislation which affects England or England and Wales only?

This is from and the speech detailed below regards the controversial Planning Bill, foisted on England by the Scottish Raj:

"The current proposals mean undermining democracy in favour of an increasingly centralised and authoritarian government," the Green party's principle speaker Caroline Lucas told

"Consulting with local people on disruptive, polluting projects like airports or power stations is essential, and any attempt to 'streamline' these processes to save money, or to hand them over to appointed yes-men, is a scandalous affront to the rights of ordinary people in the UK," she continued.

The Planning Bill does not apply to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and was brought in by using the votes of non-accountable MPs. Remember, Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs can vote on English issues, but this is not reciprocated.

If the likes of the Green Party were to highlight the various undemocratic practices taking place against the people of England they might arouse more interest.

But never mind. The type of people traditionally attracted to the Green Party tended to be middle class numpties, who thought "England" was a dirty word.

It seems some things don't change. Or is Caroline Lucas just thick?

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