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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gordon Brown Tells Lies To Try And Justify The DNA Database

It should come as no surprise that Gordon Brown has been telling lies and playing on fear to try and justify the retention of innocents' DNA on the National DNA Database.

Says Brown:

"If we had not made this change [retaining innocents' DNA profiles], 8,000 suspects who have been matched with crime scenes since 2001 would in all probability have got away, their DNA having been deleted from the database.

“This includes 114 murders, 55 attempted murders, 116 rapes, 68 other sexual offences, 119 aggravated burglaries, and 127 drugs offences.”

But, as Cynical Chatter From The Underworld points out, Brown's claims are not based on any known figures. Cynical Chatter points us in the direction of GeneWatch, which tells us:

“The figures cited by the Prime Minister are not based on the tracking of actual cases. Rather, they are based on a statistical estimate of the numbers of matches that may have occurred between crime scene DNA profiles and the DNA profiles of persons who were charged but not proceeded against or acquitted.

“Not only is the actual number of retained profiles from innocent people unknown, but it is unclear how the number of matches made with these profiles have been calculated, since the estimate does not correspond to specific individuals.”

So, Brown is guessing and LYING.

I have a friend, accused of a piffling offence, which was not proceeded with, who is now on the DNA Database. A care worker since 1985, with no police record, his experiences at Parkside Police Station in Cambridge have caused him great trauma and he is now suffering from depression and has not worked for over a month.

I was stunned at his description of events at the police station, and he has given me permission to quote him here:

"I was arrested at the station, taken through to the back, and left in a cell because the two police officers claimed that they had had no time to look at the allegation made against me. Although it was a very minor allegation, I was in the cell for five hours, having been divested of my trousers and shoes. I was given a temporary pair of trousers which were not warm and the cell was cold.

"I was told I must have have my photograph, fingerprints and DNA taken. I protested at the DNA, but was told by a sneering female police officer, and I do not use the word lightly, that 'the Government says we can do it. In twenty to thirty years everybody will be on it.' We had to wait outside the room where prints and DNA samples were taken, and I could see a young boy and an older woman in the room with a male police officer. The woman was protesting that 'he's so young and and he's barely done anything.' I did not hear the male police officer's reply.

"At the reception desk, a young Asian boy was being told that: 'You are accused of sexually abusing a young girl at Cambridge Regional College..." The boy seemed to have little grasp of English and began screaming.

"The accusation was made and the scene was played out in full view and earshot of several members of the general public, including myself, that were nearby.

"I was finger printed on a computer, and I saw the female police officer type in the allegation I was arrested for before sending the prints off into cyberspace. I protested again that I did not want my DNA taken, and the female police officer said: 'Do you want to STAY here? You've no say in the matter!'

"This all seemed terribly far removed from English law."

So, there you have it. I am concerned for my friend as the events have had a devastating effect on him. I am also concerned at reports of people ending up on the DNA Database for trivial nonsense - like dropping apple cores!

What rankles most is that Gordon Brown is a villain. Pure and simple. He rules with no mandate, gives away our nationhood to the EU, and twists and lies at every opportunity.

But Gordon Brown, like so many of the corrupt elite ruling us, appears to be above the law.

Big hat tip to Cynical Chatter From The Underworld.

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