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Friday, September 12, 2008

Tesco Cafe - It's Scottish, It's British, It's UK - But It Sure Ain't English!

We did our supermarket watch today - on the menu was Tesco's and in the cafe we found just what we were looking for - another example of Tesco anti-English bias:

On the menu was:

Scottish Red Cheddar Macoroni Cheese

British Beef Steak, Ale and Mushroom Pie

UK Sourced Roasted Half Chicken

But nothing English, of course.

From the Scottish Government site:

Speaking at today's launch at Glamis Castle, Mr Lochhead said:

"Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the provenance of what they buy. They want to know where their food comes from and they want to support local producers.

"Supermarkets recognise this increased demand for Scottish food. I know that one leading supermarket has increased sales of Scottish products in Scotland by 20 per cent and in the rest of the UK by 14 per cent in the last year.

But we can't help wondering how much these supermarkets, which absolutely refuse to recognise England, thus pandering to Scots and Welsh anti-English racists, are losing in revenue from their former English customers, who are now shopping elsewhere.

By the way, do try your local markets for cheap English produce. We've been very pleasantly surprised both by quality and prices.

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