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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nick Clegg - Undemocratic And Deceitful

Doesn't it make you sick when politicians begin speeches like this:

My grandmother was a Russian exile.

She fled the Russian revolution as a child, escaping through Europe and finally settling here in Britain.

My mother spent part of her childhood in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Indonesia.

My mother and my grandmother – their lives torn and reshaped by the great wars and upheavals of the twentieth century.

And they found a home in Britain because ours is a nation of tolerance, of freedom, and of compassion.

And what my mother and grandmother endured taught me the extraordinary, precious value of those beliefs.

They understood that beliefs matter. They make all the difference between war and peace. Beliefs shape our world, for better and for worse.

That was Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg. He then went on to make a speech which was designed to ignore glaring inequalities like asymmetric devolution, health apartheid, the West Lothian Question. It was, in fact, a blatant attempt to muddy the waters and delude the English into believing devolution hasn't happened, or at least has had no great impact.

Mr Clegg's party website then ground the down-trodden people of England further into the mud by demoting the country to "some sections of the UK" in a footnote.

Nick Clegg - you clearly have not learned anything from your forebears. We cannot believe that they were as undemocratic and deceitful as you are.

Big hat-tip to Britology Watch.

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