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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Anti-England BBC - At It Again...

After all the crap spouted by the BBC during the Olympics (the atheletes were Scottish, Welsh or British, apparently) Auntie has decided it would be fun to look at the subject of UK sub-nationalities because Andy Murray has been referred to as an "Englishman" in America.


Of course, that wouldn't have happened here. As the BBC proved during the Olympics, if it had been reporting the event he would have been referred to as 'Scots' or the 'super scot' or 'the flying Scotsman'.

Or 'Welsh' if he was Welsh and perhaps even 'The Welsh princess' if he was a woman...

Or 'British' if he was English.

It was infuruating. But credit where it's due - Auntie does recognise herself to be at fault at times.

And the BBC is one of the main culprits, says Mr Maxwell. This was perfectly illustrated when one interviewer asked sprinter Usain Bolt to give a message to "the whole of England watching" after his Olympic triumphs.

"It's a continuation of England and Britain being the same thing," says the MSP. "There's an excuse for people far away to not know their geography but the fact remains that the BBC not knowing it is beyond the pale."

So there you are. The BBC mentioned England ONCE during the Olympics. And Mr Maxwell picked up on it, although, amazingly, he didn't pick up on the bizarre fact that the BBC referred to the Scots and Welsh atheletes as Scots and Welsh and the English as British.

Fancy letting itself down by mentioning England even ONCE - shame on you, BBC!

But don't worry. The rest of the time the Olympics were all about Britain and Scotland and Wales, etc. Never a mention of the English or England.

But blind and deaf Little Scotlanders (they must be if they didn't notice what the BBC was up to during the Olympics) jump into the comments thread to have a whinge:

I've always had a warm reception in the USA when I say I'm from Scotland and most people seem to sort of understand that it's not England. The thing that drives almost all Scots mad is when English people use the word Britain when they mean England and England when they mean Britain - and there's no excuse for this from the bbc or politicians.
Lisa, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, UK

Lisa's whinge was published by Auntie, of course, but this wasn't:

The English suffer worst of all. The BBC always refers to the English as "British" - the coverage of the Beijing Olympics was a disgrace. Why does the BBC have such appalling double standards?

The sooner we're independent the better.



  1. Congratulations on highlighting this hypocrisy - Not of course that the BBC well ever change their ways, until we change to an English Government.

  2. Nothing surprises me regarding the Biased Broadcasting Cooperation