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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The BBC: All British Citizens Live In England

Big hat tip to the CEP News Blog for pointing out, via their excellent new Media Watch project, yet another example of the BBC's determination to pass England off as Britain, and English citizens as "British" - whilst inferring that the Scots and Welsh are not British:

An elderly couple from north London are being taken to court for refusing to pay the levy on their council tax bill which will fund the 2012 Olympics.

For two years Thomas and Rita Glenister of Barnet have withheld £33.35 of their annual bill, the amount they said would be their contribution to the Games.

The couple said all British citizens should contribute, not just Londoners.

They are due to appear before Hendon Magistrates' Court on 15 September in relation to non-payment of council tax.

Barnet Council confirmed the couple had been summonsed to appear in court over the matter but said it could not provide more specific details of individuals' accounts.

Since 2006 Mr and Mrs Glenister have paid all of their £2,320 annual council tax bill except what they have calculated to be the "Olympic surcharge".

Mrs Glenister, 74, said: "It isn't the money - we can pay - but I finally thought that it is time to stick my short little legs down and say 'up with this I will not put'.

"If everyone in England pays it then I will, but the fact that it is just Londoners paying it seems very unfair. I'm not going to run round the track, I'm not going to benefit from this 'legacy'.

Note that Mrs Glenister stated that if everybody in England paid the tax then she would, but the BBC mis-reported what she said in its opening paragraphs, twisting it to the couple saying that all British citizens should pay the tax.

All British citizens don't live in England, surely? In our book, the the BBC should have simply reported that Mrs Glenister said "everyone in England" or "all English citizens".

A simple mistake, easily put right?

But the BBC were contacted on the subject at lunchtime today and have simply left the article as it is. So, as with the BBC's coverage of the Olympics, it seems that only the people of England are British.

The BBC has been showing its dislike of England and the English rather a lot lately. It can only be a matter of time before this disreputable organisation, which distorts the truth and takes our money whether we view and/or listen or not, is kicked into touch.

The discontent is swelling from below. It is only a matter of time before it bursts to the surface.

We haven't forgotten that BBC Wales had no trouble changing British to English in a recent episode of Dr Who, to smear the English with a reputation for racism. When Auntie wants to be racist, spiteful and have a good old scapegoating session, the English and England exist. The rest of the time...

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