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Friday, September 12, 2008

Ben Bradshaw - UK Health Minister - LIAR And TWISTER

Health Minister Ben Bradshaw is one of that band of UK rump MPs (there are no English MPs, constitutionally England doesn't exist) who is happy that people in England can die for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland, or scrimp and save for prescriptions free to all - including millionaires - in Wales. And he wants to twist the facts.

Mr Bradshaw is basically a traitor to the English people - a career politician who bends his knee to the Scottish Raj, and doesn't give a damn about the West Lothian Question or health apartheid.

From the BBC:

An English health minister who criticised health policies in Wales has returned to the attack.

Ben Bradshaw told a conference the English NHS provided a better service despite spending less per patient than the health service in Wales.

Mr Bradshaw attacked Welsh policies of free prescriptions and free hospital parking again and said ruling out using the private sector was "dogmatic".

The Welsh Assembly Government said it was "putting the patients first".

Earlier this year, Mr Bradshaw sparked a row between the assembly and UK governments by saying the money spent on free parking would be better spent on improving patient care.

His keynote speech to a CBI conference on health in London on Thursday threatens to re-open tensions between Cardiff and Westminster.

He told delegates the benefits of the English approach would become clearer in time.

He said he was "fed up" with being told that England suffered from health apartheid "because millionaires in Wales get their prescriptions free or Scotland plans to allow anyone who wants to park in busy hospital car parks for free."

Mr Bradshaw said: "What about the fact that in England you can get your operation much more quickly, you don't have to wait for more than four hours in A and E any more and it is easy to see a GP when you want?

"These things matter more to the public. We are already delivering them in England and we have been doing so while spending less per head on health than in Scotland and Wales."

Actually, Westminster MPs representing Scots constituencies decided that there would be Foundation Hospitals in England. There will be none for their constituents in Scotland.

And judging by the state of the hospital wards we now work on, this has been no good move for England.

People now lie in wet beds for unacceptable lengths of time because we are understaffed.

Errors occur over medications - due to staff tiredness.

People who cannot feed themselves are often left with their meal and it is later collected completely uneaten as we do not have time to feed them.

MRSA is rampant.

Ben Bradshaw is doing the people of England a major disservice in trying to make out that there is an English health service. There isn't. There are Scots and Welsh health services and a UK rump health service - that's right, the one which has no Barnett Formula to help provide good standards of care, on a par with Scotland and Wales.

It isn't a matter of the UK Rump NHS providing a more economical service that is the issue - it is the fact that Scotland and Wales have far more money lavished on them, and that the UK Rump NHS, which covers England, is of an unacceptably low standard.

It is that the Government is simply not prepared to spend as much on lives in England as it is on lives in Scotland and Wales.

But Ben Bradshaw is such a twister - he never mentions the Barnett Formula!

We Say: Ben Bradshaw - lying, twisting career politician - you are a complete and utter bastard!

Big hat tip to Kev.

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