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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sir Alan Beith - Another Traitor

Alan Beith is Lib Dem MP for Berwick-Upon-Tweed. Sadly, he doesn't have Berwick's or England's best interests at heart.

“I don’t see what an English Parliament would offer Berwick and the people of the north. We would still be in the minority with no more power to make decisions which affect the area. It’s hard to see how Berwick would benefit”.

Having proper national representation so that MPs from Scots and Welsh constituencies could not push through legislation in England against the will of England's MPs would not benefit Berwick?

Having MPs who would speak up for and look after England's national health service and be representative of the people would not benefit Berwick?

Having MPs representing England's electorate to decide the structure of England's internal political layout would not benefit Berwick?

Having issues like the Barnett Formula swept from under the carpet and properly resolved by MPs representative of the interests of the people of England would not benefit Berwick?

Alan Beith is another smug, selfish MP who refuses to listen to the people. Several major polls have now put support for an English Parliament at well over 60%. Alan Beith prefers to follow his party's line - which is to regionalise England out of existence - despite the massive NO vote in the North East.

The man is an absolute bloody disgrace. The fact that he is also sitting on the Justice Select Committee which has (apparently) been looking into the effects of devolution shows what a farcical and disreputable state "our" politics is in today.

Alan Beith has shown himself to be undemocratic. The people have said NO to regionalisation, YES to an English Parliament. He ignores them. So what on earth is he doing sitting on a "justice committee"?

Alan Beith wishes for the implementation of regionalisation - something which those allowed a say heartily rejected - and stands in the way of an English Parliament - something which recent polls show the vast majority endorse.

Die in England for want of medication available on the NHS in Scotland. Scrimp and save for medical prescriptions - they're free to millionaires in Wales. Have non-representative MPs (including the Prime Minister) foist legislation on to you which will not affect their own constituents.

Alan Beith simply wants to break up England. He follows his party's line. He rides the gravy train. Like so many UK rump MPs elected in the country formerly known as England, Alan Beith has no conscience.

Health apartheid? The West Lothian Question? The Barnett Formula? Not issues, say the likes of Alan Beith. And they're not issues because we're so comfortable on the gravy train.

Let the rabble rot and keep muddying the waters, eh, Sir Alan?

You evil toad.

Big hat tip to the CEP News Blog.


  1. Oh very well said - it is a pity though that the chance of him reading this is slim.

    I suppose non-one knows his email address? We could cut and paste and make sure he gets it.

  2. Good idea, Michele - he's now been sent a copy.