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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Triumphant Return Of "Britishness": Olympics Outfits In (Mainly) Saltire Colours And I'm Doing It For Wales...

Iain Martin at The Telegraph tells us that the Olympics have proven that "Great Britain is far from finished". I don't see it. Only the English participants were habitually tagged "British" by the likes of the BBC and ITN, and David Davies, swimmer, had this to say:

"I'm really proud of Wales' achievements at this Olympics. It looks to become an incredibly memorable Games for a proud sporting nation and I want to be a part of that."

Only the English atheletes, politically apathetic and ignorant like so many, and fed a load of horse shit for donkey's years, towed the "British" line.

The Olympics are not going to serve to flag up a corrupt, self-serving institution like the UK and its Government, which creates elites on grounds of nationality and actively practices apartheid against the vast majority.

Here's the delectable Chris Hoy, dressed in a fetchingly 1980s high camp cycling outfit which seems to feature an awful lot of blue and white. Rather like the Scottish Saltire and not very like the Union Flag at all. There is a thin band of red there somewhere - is for that Northern Ireland? Where is the thick red band for England? Shouldn't that be in the space occupied by the words "Great Britain"? Who designed these "Team GB" outfits? English hating Scots or Welsh person or English hating English person?

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  1. Well said Chris - I have been complaining about this since I found myself yelling for the French instead of the British team!! *Blush* - I sent a letter of complaint to the BOC - but of course they wouldn't reply.

    Plus it was confusing to find that the the team consisted of Scot Chris Hoy and two 'others'.

    If anything this has made me more passionately Committed to the need of a devolved English Parliament.