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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Poynton - Let's Change Our Flag To The Union Flag - We'll Be Just Like The BNP Then...

Hate to publish this logo... but it makes my point...

A recent story I've just discovered - apparently Poynton Civic Hall nearly swapped its St George's Flag for a Union Flag recently, you know, the same design as the British National Party's logo and emblem.

However, Poynton councillors, like so many other folk, seem to be on something which muddles the mind when it comes to the Cross of St George...

THE Cross of St George will remain above Poynton Civic Hall - despite calls for it to be scrapped in favour of the Union Flag.

The issue was raised at the Parks, Buildings and Highways Committee meeting of the Poynton With Worth Parish Council, held last week, where it was decided to replace the hall’s flag - at a cost of around £50 - because according to some ‘it was beginning to look old and tatty’.

While the Cross of St George has flown above the hall in the past, there was a suggestion that the flag should be swapped for a Union Flag - the Union Jack - because the St George’s Cross has in the past been used as a symbol for the British National Party, a link that has seen it removed from some public buildings.

But such a move was strongly opposed by Councillor Howard Murray, who pointed to the fact that the Union Flag should only be flown above civic buildings on 13 days during the year, mainly royal birthdays.

He added that Poynton Parish Council would not be breaking with tradition for the sake of political correctness.

“In the past the far right has taken over the Cross of St George but the flag should be given back to the people,” said Coun Murray.

“Those who are offended by the flag can stay offended because the fact of the matter is, that by convention it is the Cross of St George that flies above civic buildings a majority of the time.”

Er, as far as I know the BNP have always sported the Union Flag - with the sub-national flags of each UK nation sometimes draped around it. However, up until the 1990s it was bloody hard to buy a St George's flag in England anyway.

Why do these people talk such crap? What addles them?

The Cross of St George is a persecuted emblem simply because it suits those in power to deny England recognition and a national parliament. So, the English, England, and its national flag are demonised at every opportunity.

What do they take us for?

No need to answer that...

Meanwhile, the Scots flag, with its Klu Klux Klan associations, flutters unremarked upon. And the Scots, of course, are pure Celts, living in a pure Celtic nation...

Pass the sick bucket...

Hat-tip to the CEP News Blog - and I pinched your illustration, Wonko - hope you don't mind. xx

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