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Friday, August 15, 2008

Kev Asks The BBC: Are You Discriminating Against The English? WENAP Answers: Do Bears Shit In Woods?

Kev has spotted that the BBC is at its anti-English worst - flagging up Scottish and Welshness in its coverage, but cleansing the land of Englishness.

As usual.

So, Kev has written to Auntie:

The lack of consistency, with the BBC Olympic coverage is highlighted by the fact with the above page about the British cycling team winning gold with the fact that the Scottish rider is identified as being Scottish but the two English riders are not identified as being English.

This also happened with the Welsh lady winning the first British gold medal at these games being identified as being Welsh whilst the English swimmer who won the second gold medal at these games was not identified as being English.

Please stop this discrimination against the English athletes.

Good luck, Kev - hope you receive a reply worth reading. But don't hold your breath. The BBC hates England and any notion of Englishness, and whilst we HAVE to pay the licence fee, no effort will be made to represent the UK nations fairly.

It's all part of living in our wonderful democracy.

And remember, the BBC had no problem in subsituting "English" for "British" in a DR WHO episode a few weeks ago. Bigoted BBC WALES gleefully altered the phrase "Britain For The British" to "England For The English" in an attempt to smear the English as racists.

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