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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The BBC Again: The England Football Team And The Scots' Football Team...

There's enforced BBC Radio One listening whenever I visit my sister, and I am surprised at how vapid it all is. Wasn't it supposed to become cutting edge and up-to-date a few years ago, with 1980s goodies like "Our Tune" chucked out in favour of a daring new style which would appeal to modern yoof?

Sadly, it's more vapid than ever (the other week a DJ was excited because somebody had brought some jelly beans into the studio - "I LOVE jelly beans!" she shrieked) but, oddly enough, the news bulletins are still called "News Beat" - just as they were in the 60s/70s/80s!

Anyway, today I heard the sports chappie telling listeners all about the latest goings on in the world of football. The England team (bunch of Nivea boys that they are) had lost. Of course, the presenter couldn't avoid saying "England" in this instance, but he never said "English". Then it was off North of The Border: "The Scots didn't win this one," he trilled.

I see. So there's an England football team (NEVER English) probably containing "Britons" but Scotland has a football team containing "Scots"?

Another example of BBC anti-English bias and Scots bottom licking, IMHO.

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  1. I'm with you Chris - wish there was a way to get at 'em.

    The levels of censorship going on at the moment are unbelievable - I get 1 out of 3 comments published on their Have Your Say section and even had a comment that was published for two weeks removed for being "off topic". It was bang on topic but it also criticised BBC wastage - that's a no no at the British Brainwashing Corps.