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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The BBC: Not Only The British Took Part In The Olympics For The UK: There Were Scots And Welsh People Too - But No English!

The BBC's hateful anti-English bias has once more emerged into the spotlight thanks to its coverage of the Olympics. Yep, the Scots are Scots, the Welsh are Welsh, and the English are British. How come? That's illogical. No, not really. It's just typical BBC anti-English bigotry. OK, we pay the lion's share of the licence fee revenue, but as we have to pay it, why should they give a stuff? Little Scotlanders, Little Waleseans and self-loathing English folk have a field day every day of the year working for the BBC!

Mike Knowles of the Campaign For An English Parliament, states in a press release:

"In its CEEFAX August 19th bulletin, the BBC described Chris Hoy the triple gold medalist as 'the Scot'. On one occasion as 'the flying Scotsman'.However, it described Victoria Pendleton the triumphant women's sprint cyclist Olympic champion from Bedfordshire and Christine Ohuruogo the 400 metre gold medalist from London as 'Britons', not once as English. In the first week of the Games both BBC reporters and BBC CEEFAX described Nicole Cook who took the first gold medal for the British team as Welsh, even as 'the Welsh Princess' but Rebecca Adlington who achieved two gold medals in swimming only as 'British', never English.'

'What we are witnessing, and consistently witnessing,' stated Mr Knowles 'is BBC bias against England and the English people.The BBC will do all it can not to bring attention to the national identity of English people. The BBC is acting very politically. Its refusal to have a BBC England and substituting nine regional broadcasting units for England is political. It regards acknowledgement of England's distinct identity as a threat to the existence of the United Kingdom. It is not a threat. And the BBC has no right within its charter to act in such a pronounced political manner. The BBC has organised itself as a broadcaster into 'nations and regions'. The 'nations' are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the distinct national identity of which it recognises and promotes. It refuses to recognises England as a nation. It treats England as nine regions. It will not recognise our distinct English identity. All this is political.'

'The BBC should not discriminate against England. It should not act politically. It should report impartially and fairly. If in reporting on TeamGB it makes mention of the specific national identity of Welsh and Scottish athletes, it should make mention likewise of the English identity of English athletes.'

Exactly. Anything else is absurd. Absurdly anti-English, that is.

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