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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gordon Brown Insults England About Football's Origins And Then Rubs Salt In The Wound...

Sir Alex Ferguson - "Can the Scot lead the united home nations to gold in 2012?" writes some daft wally at Sky News.

As reported earlier, no-mandate PM Gordon Brown stole England's footballing origins and gave them to "Britain" yesterday, and now he wants to appoint a fellow Scot as manager of his "British" football team to compete in the 20012 Olympics!

Good grief - this man really does hate England and the English, doesn't he?

Still, the public gets what the public wants - and the resounding lack of noise over far more serious issues like health apartheid makes me think that Mr Brown will get his way - and there'll hardly be a murmur of protest.

"I'm English, kick me..."


Quote From The Sky News Comments Thread...

Ferguson? Brown has got to be joking! Remember how Ferguson coached foreign teams in order to get England knocked out of the World Cup!

We say: But that was England. If Brown has his way, England will soon be history.

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