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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doug Jamieson - Come On Down, Little Scotlander - Wouldn't Think Yourself A Celt As Well, Would You?

Here's dear old heavily subsidised spoilt brat nation Wales flying its own flag - not the British one - for its returning atheletes. What really annoys me is that if Wales wasn't being subsidised by England via the UK Government it might have other things to think about than all this flag waving and insulting the English - like survival as a real nation!

Meanwhile, the BBC lets a Little Scotlander and probably a Celt fantasist have a say on the proceedings:

Among the crowd were visitors from further afield.

Doug Jamieson, 59, and his wife Jen, 60, from Edinburgh were visiting their friend Ada Stein, 93, in Cardiff.

Mr Jamieson said: "The Olympics is a marvellous achievement for the small countries of Scotland and Wales.

"They have all done so very well and it's not right to pick out one in particular. They have all tried their very best."

He said: "it is a breath of fresh air in a dreich (miserable) summer.

Cosy up, dear - I suppose you feel some sense of fraternity to your fellow fantasy Celts - and of course you don't even mention England!

And "dreich" - oh please, my Mum's Mum used to say that - but I thought it went out with the ark!

Talk about "over-egging the pudding" - trying to over-Scot yourself a little for the Beeb, weren't you?

Mind you, it says a lot for the BBC Wales news writers that they do this sort of thing at all - seek out somebody from a fellow "Celtic nation" specially - when it could have been anybody from anywhere who just happened to be visiting Wales!


It's crap like this from the BBC (and Wales) which convinces me that the Union needs abolishing. These proud little "nations" need to find their own way.

And good luck to 'em. I'm sure they'll do it. And at least then I won't feel like vomiting every time there's a "proud" display of Welsh nationalism because that country's claws are digging deep into my pockets and its citizens are being treated as an elite.

Whilst in England it's a case of "Anyone For Health Apartheid?"

Meanwhile, the BBC is obviously very selective about what it says and photographs in England - as Matthew and Noelle Stallard, parents of rower Tom Stallard, sit there with a Union Flag, on their knees and witter on about being "proud to be British" and how great the 2012 Olympics will be. The Stallards are just the sort of ill-informeds the BBC adores:

Mrs Stallard added: "Loads of people we know have changed their attitude already to 2012.

"They say they feel proud to be British. I think everybody is now beginning to feel excited by the 2012 idea."

Care to quantify that, Mrs Stallard? And as for sitting there with the Union Flag - words fail me. Well, actually they don't. But I don't want to become offensive.

Mr and Mrs Stallard don the butcher's apron. Ohh we're British, ooh everybody's so excited about the Olympics... Yeah, right!!

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