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Friday, July 14, 2006

Tesco - Backing Scottish and Welsh Anti-English Bigotry?

Alfie over at Waking Hereward has a fascinating theory about the reason for Tesco refusing to display the England flag on English produce. Is the supermarket giant simply pandering to anti-English bigots in Scotland and Wales? Does Tesco believe that products clearly marked with an English flag in Tesco stores in Scotland and Wales would not sell?

So, to conclude with my theory, the only reason Tesco do not have an English flag on their English produce is to solve their perceived belief that to do so would inflame the in-built bigoted beliefs of their Scottish and Welsh customers.

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I wouldn't be at all surprised. After all, the UK Parliament goes so far as to sacrifice democratic rule in England to pander to the Scottish and Welsh. Like Tesco, it won't acknowledge England exists.

I have a suggestion...

If profits drop enough in England, Tesco may be forced to rethink its bigot-induced policy. So...


The very idea of being faced with, and having to choose between, their "Scottish" or "British" goods makes me want to vomit...




Greg from Cumbria...

I bet Tesco have carried out market research in Scotland and Wales and found that a lot of racist swine there won't buy products emblazoned with the English flag. I'd bet money on it!

What Tesco haven't bargained on are the affects of devolution and demands for fair play from England. Personally, I think that the flag concept is bloody pathetic anyway - the world is supposed to be binding closer together - and Tesco sticks pratty little flag motifs on everything! There's even an Italian flag on their pasta!

But if Tesco IS going to "go" with this idea, then England must not be discriminated against. The sight of that Scottish saltire has driven me from Tescos and I will not return until it is balanced by an equal display of St George's flags.

Want to lose a very large number of customers, Mr Tesco?

UPDATE 2 - 15/7/2006


Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said that:- "Hundreds of our members have written to Tesco and received a similar reply. We argue that each response is a breach of the Race Relations Act which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of Nationality and under the Act each incident of discrimination gives rise to a claim of £8,000. I say that if enough English people claim the compensation they could be entitled to from Tesco, the English could easily turn Tesco’s over £2bn of profits to an over £2bn of loss for next year. We are calling for all volunteers to claim from Tesco and anyone interested in being helped make a claim should contact, or write to:- PO Box 1066, Norwich, NR14 6ZJ. Tel: 01277 896000.

Get involved! Read the full story here.


Oh come on, we musn't be churlish. Or "cynical". Or "un-British". Or "unpatriotic" - to quote recent comments by various NuLabour MPs. Let's be good little regions and tug our forelocks to our proud, historic masters in the proud, historic nations of Scotland and Wales.

Cor, how's that for sarcasm, Chris?!

Sarcasm? I didn't detect any, Darleen. Seems to me your e-mail is a straightforward account of what is expected of us by Tesco, the UK Parliament, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, old Uncle Tom McCobbley and all.

Drew and Fiona:

Tesco did dip their toe in the English pond around the time of the first Cross of St George frenzy we believe (4+ years ago). We then bought some spuds with a St George's flag on. It was a short-lived experiment. Since then, we haven't seen any. The last time we visited a Tesco (in Cambridgeshire), the displays of potatoes were dominated by bags marked with the Scottish flag (these were particularly prominent) and the Union Jack. Not an English-marked bag to be seen.

Needless to say, we'd simply visited the store for an update on the flag situation - not to make any purchases!


Sue Campbell again...

There's also the fact that if Tescos treated England fairly and gave English shoppers the option of buying openly English produce, they might very well prefer it to the Scotch produce currently flooding Tescos stores in England. Tesco wouldn't want to cut Scottish food producers' profits, would it, even though it doesn't give a sh** about English?

This is all for the convenience of Little Scotlanders and Little Walesians - aka a bunch of anti-English racists.

This blog is supportive of the aims of the Campaign for an English Parliament, but is in no way connected.

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