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Friday, July 07, 2006

A Culturally Preening and Racist "Celtic" Government?

My jottings about Cornwall from May this year - here - have been attracting some attention. Greg from Cumbria writes:

There is a huge difference between the Government's attitude towards English culture and its attitude towards the cultures of Scotland and Wales. Both the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly are encouraged to promote each country's traditional culture, whilst traditional English culture is attacked and swept under the carpet.

I've often wondered about Cornwall and the "Celtic" thing, and thought of the massive differences in the Government's treatment of the so-called "Celtic fringe" and England. Not hard to see that a lot of the figures in power are Scottish or Welsh, or which countries Labour depends upon for its votes! And no wonder Cornwall wants to join this exclusive club!

If it is racist to encourage indigenous culture, and we know that racism is a problem in Scotland and Wales, then surely the Celtic myth should be buried? After all, we've even got the Church of England, headed by a Welshman, talking about getting rid of the Cross of St George (now a popular mainstream symbol of England) and replacing it with the flag of St Alban (very similar to the Scottish flag, meaning that just a small yellow criss-cross will signify England's place in the Union on the new Union flag). St Alban, of course, pre-dated England, so lends to the "British" thing.

Double standards, hypocrisy... a multi-ethnic England given second class treatment and a culturally preening "Celtic fringe" getting the cream.

The Government is racist.

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