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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sainsburys - Another Anti-England Supermarket...

When it comes to anti-England product packaging, Tesco can't be beat. But Sainsburys doesn't lag far behind. Remember the stew pack Drew and Fiona complained to them about with ingredients from such exotic places as "Shrops, UK" and "Fife, Scotland"?

Is the Union Flag now becoming more prevalent on packaging for English goods at Sainsburys? Today, I saw an awful lot of Union Flags glaring at me from the fruit and vegetable displays. The flag of oppression, I thought, cowering slightly. I don't remember seeing so many in Sainsburys in the past...

I haven't seen a Scottish flag so far, but what is the packaging system at Sainsburys stores in Scotland, I wonder?

At my local Sainsburys today I decided to buy a nice big bottle of fancy yuppie water for a treat. But I didn't. The shop only stocked Scottish, French and Italian bottled water. You would have thought that there would have been at least one English line.

But then Sainsburys has no loyalty to England. The only time it acknowledges our country is when it want to makes a fast buck out of football.

I left the store, empty handed.

Comfortingly, on my local market, there was a lot of stuff labelled "English" - and most of it was cheaper than Sainsburys!

Sainsburys, like Tesco, can go and take a running jump off its anti-English merchandise.

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