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Saturday, July 08, 2006

On Stage At Westminster: Tony Blair & Mohammad Sarwar - A Lovely Double Act...

From The Gruaniad. Mr Blair speaking in the Commons on EVOEL:

At this point, Mr Blair was spouting delusional nonsense about MPs in the Commons being "equal".

"I think that is an essential part of our constitution and I hope very much the opposition leader will re-think his position on this. It is wholly contrary, not just to the spirit of our constitution, but an utterly irresponsible thing to do or propose."

In what appeared to be a concerted attempt to unsettle Mr Cameron, another Labour question on the issue came up when Mohammad Sarwar - who represents a Glasgow constituency - asked Mr Blair: "May I ask you if it is your intention to make me second class MP representing a second class nation?"

Mr Blair assured him it was not, describing any such move as a "constitutional abortion".

"It would be completely wrong - the fact is our constitution relies on there being one class of MP in this House.

"That is absolutely right and under this government it will always remain so."

Mr Blair said it was "an essential part" of the British constitution that there was only one class of MP. Referring to the "West Lothian question" he said it would be "utterly irresponsible" to limit the voting rights of some MPs.

One class of MP at Westminster? There isn't. There are those who are accountable to their constituents and those who vote on issues affecting the electorate in England who are not. They are the elite. They assist the Government to dictate policy in England - like Top Up Fees and Foundation Hospitals. In both instances, Scottish votes made the crucial difference.

I love the way Scottish MP Mohammed Sarwar stood up, to ask if he was going to be a "second class MP representing a second class nation"? More pottiness.

No, Mr Sarwar, as Mr Blair has made clear, you will still be able to act as lobby fodder for him and help force legislation onto the electorate in England, as you clearly desire to continue doing.

Was Mr Sarwar's intervention rehearsed with dear Tony (after all, all the world's a stage?) or was this simply opportunism? If Sarwar and Blair cannot see the injustice in allowing the West Lothian Question to continue, then neither of them should be in politics.

Meanwhile elsewhere, choice Scottish chip wrapper The Herald reports that David Cameron is "incandescent" with rage at the idea that an MP representing a Scottish constituency should not become PM, whilst Michael Portillo has recommended that England severs all links with Scotland.

The latter works for me. As long as we get the Maritime Boundary between us and Scotland, so recently altered to Scotland's advantage by the Blair Government, renogotiated...

Sue Campbell pays a late night visit...

Recent polls show that the majority of the electorate want something doing about the situation - and the English Parliament option is increasingly favoured. I've just been looking at Iain Dale's blog and according to a new MORI poll support is spiralling. But Mr Blair and Mr Sarwar believe that everything is fine? And Mr Sarwar believes that he will be a "second class MP from a second class nation" if he and other non-representative Scots MPs are stopped from forcing legislation on to England?

I might be thick, but I don't understand that logic at all.

No, I don't either, Sue. And there's all these MPs supposedly representing English constituencies. What the hell are they doing whilst these bizarre exchanges take place?

Thanks for the Iain Dale info.


Greg from Cumbria...

Mohammad Sarwar asks if Blair is going to turn Scotland into a "second class nation" by removing its Westminster MPs right to vote on issues affecting England.

Scotland already has it own parliament, Mr Sarwar - it has been treated better than any other country on this island - Wales only has an assembly and England has nothing. What do the Scots want exactly so that they don't feel "second class" - their own parliament and a dictatorship in England?

DB writes...

What planet does Blair live on? He must know that the electorate are increasingly unhappy with the undemocratic evil that is Westminster, but he still insists nothing will alter? Have we got news for you, Mr Blair!

You ask what the MPs representing constituencies in England are doing, Chris. Sweet FA is the answer - riding the gravy train and hoping that they don't ever have to do any real work.

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