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Thursday, July 27, 2006

England is the Only UK Nation to be denied a "miracle" bone cancer drug freely available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland...

Via the CEP News Blog comes this...

England denied miracle bone cancer drug


Daily Mail

Bone cancer victims in England will not be given a life-prolonging drug - although it is available to patients in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The drug, Velcade, which can put the cancer into remission and dramatically improve life expectancy, is also available in every other developed country in the world.

But yesterday the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence refused to approve Velcade for use in England on the NHS, saying it is not 'cost-effective'.

We know that the health services elsewhere in the so-called UK are far better funded than in England.

Surely this should not be so? Jack Straw keeps saying that "England will be the big loser" if the UK splits up. Tosh, of course. He will tell any old lie to press his point home.

There are many reasons why Straw should be regarded as a corrupt spinner.

If the man was in front of me now, I would say to him that the NHS in the UK should be the same for all, not operate on an apartheid system - routinely discriminating against every man, woman and child in England.

People want good health care, most want to live as long as possible.

My dear old grandmother used to say: "Every drop of life is sweet".

It's heart warming that this Government agrees with her - at least if you happen to be a citizen of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Is this one of the ways that the UK benefits England, Mr Straw?

How I wish he would answer.

Where is the BBC in all this? Have they reported on it? The last time I saw anything on the BBC News about variations in availability of NHS Drugs in the so-called "UK" (which always works against England), Scotland had been conveniently lopped off the map shown on screen and was not referred to!

Is Auntie doing the right thing and keeping the licence payers informed?

Let me know if you spot anything!

In the meantime, read more and join the discussion at the
CEP News Blog...


Hi to Sue Campbell!

After the Herceptin scandal, this doesn't surprise me. Of course the government doesn't care if people die in England. This government is composed of Scottish and Welsh racists, heaven alone knows what the Northern Irish MPs think, and English MPs are content to sit back and take it for the sake of "Britain" and an easy life.

I've been having chats recently to one of the Blair Government's new slave workers. That's right, a young Polish lad, recently arrived here, happy to work as a bus driver for absolutely shit money. He hasn't been here that long, but already he is saying to me gravely: "Things are very expensive here!"

"Especially on your money!" I always reply. The company is famous for its shit wages and most of the workforce are recent immigrants.

What will happen to them when they want to settle down? Start a family? Unemployment is steadily rising, and somebody (probably another new arrival here) will be willing to take their place. But what better-paid job will be there be for them to provide for their new responsibilities?

And Labour was traditionally "for" the workers!

Anyway, I've had several conversations with the Polish bus driver - he's a bit of a ray of sunshine in the morning, and he's enthusiastic about "England" and "the English". Well, tomorrow I think I'm going to take him a scan of the "Daily Mail" article on the bone cancer drug.

The Government relies on the traditionally quiescent population of this country and the fact that the massed new arrivals don't yet know what is going on to mistreat us, steal our money, take away our democracy, and let us die for want of care and medication.

It's time to start informing recent immigrants what they've come to.

I think we all should make a point of it.

It's the English pleb that's had the shitty deal right through the Union. There were Scotland and Wales with their Secretaries of State, English MPs refraining from voting on certain of their issues and massive subsidies. Scottish industry was going down the toilet in the 1970s - they can't blame it all on Thatcher.

And as for the Poll Tax - many Scots were in favour of it. Didums, did they have it a year longer than us? My heart bleeds. At least we weren't letting their people die for want of medication freely available in England.

We must spread the word about the Scottish Raj and the evil British State, not just keep it to ourselves - let's tell the new arrivals!




Welcome back to Greg...

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) used to be a UK-wide organisation. These are the bods that have made the current outrageous recommendation about the Velcade treatment.

Judging by their blurb, I don't think they've absorbed the fact that devolution has given Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland their own powers.

Who is behind NICE's decision to let people in England die? Not anybody representing the interests of that country's people, that's for sure.

And the Scottish Raj-dominated UK Government gets to accept the recommendation!

We need our own health bodies, our own government for England.

We're being run by evil, racist bastards, happy to let us die.

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