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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Muddying The Waters: Jack Straw Lies For Britain (again)...

Thanks to John for this quote:

Mess about with this, and we’d see too the progressive disintegration of the Union. England has benefited most by this in amplifying England’s power worldwide. England would be the big loser.

Yep, it's Jack Straw again, writing in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph about devolution, and why people in England should certainly NOT be treated on a par with their Scottish and Welsh counterparts.

His argument falls apart as soon as you look at it. There's no need to even prod it.

How can a country which does not exist become the "big loser" by being granted recognition, a voice?

As for the Union "amplifying England's power worldwide" - when was that? At the time of the British Empire? How long ago was that? And surely dear little Scotland, disproportionately active at the time of Empire, felt at least just as much benefit as England from the venture? And what about Wales and Ireland?

Whatever the ins-and-outs, that's in the past, all gone - not the basis for modern day decision making on devolution issues. So what the heck is Straw playing at?

The man talks transparent nonsense - relying on the apathy of the electorate not to examine his endless stream of anti-English clap trap.

There are no depths the snivelling government toad will not sink to in his attempts to ensure that the people of England remain under the thumb of the British State.

The game's up, Straw man.

John has more and the link to the original article.

No sooner do I press "publish" than Sue zooms in...


Sue Campbell...

Straw's ploy seems obvious to me. Not only does he regard the English as being violent, but he also regards us as being Imperialists - and fik (intended spelling). So he thinks we'll be swayed by his out-of-date Imperialist arguments.

We won't grasp the true facts - that we're being dictated to and shafted at every turn.

Of course, the British Government is the true Imperialist force in this country.

Jack Straw is a sick, twisted and utterly evil little man.

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