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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scotland's Wimbledon Hopes Dashed

Time to stop play,
Not just for today,
Poor old Andy Murray must now go away,
Time to stop play not just for today,
Andy is waving goodbye...

I'm sure there must be many disappointed people in Scotland after Andy Murray was knocked out of Wimbledon yesterday.


Sue Campbell, a pal of both CEP Cambridgeshire's old blog and this one, writes...

Naughty boy, Chris... mind you, I couldn't hold back a cheer!

I know, I am naughty. It's just that when I read Andy Murray's comments about England and then saw his dinky little Saltire wristbands, I thought: "Well, let him play for Scotland only then." And as I'm not exactly happy with that arrogant, spiteful and dictatorial little country at the moment, I booed him.

Even the sixth form girls who regularly use the same bus as me were talking about Murray being "anti-English" and not "wanting to be British" yesterday. And it takes a lot to drag their attention away from such pressing teenage questions as: "Is my bum too big?" "Should I wear legwarmers or black lycra leggings for the disco, cos '80s is back in fashion?" and, "Do you think Keith Spolton fancies me, cos he was looking at me in maths yesterday? He's not still goin' out with Shanice, is he?"

Today, I also noticed several cars still flying and several houses still adorned with the England flag. Maybe some people are just a bit slow in taking them down after the World Cup, but remember that the flags also appeared earlier this time round (some before St George's Day) and remained up until the World Cup. The longest instance of Cross of St George flag flying I have yet seen.

Awareness of the injustice of asymmetric devolution is spreading. And with the Scots and their parliament taking more and more liberties (as with the English rivers story), it's not before time.

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