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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scottish Parliament Greed - Taking Over The Rivers Till and Tweed...

Shortly to be nodded through the House of Commons is legislation that will give the Scottish Parliament the right to impose Scottish fishing rules, regulations and fines on English people fishing in English stretches of the River Tweed or the entirely English River Till in Northumberland.

Not content with the West Lothian Question and the Barnett Formula, the Scottish Executive is beginning the march over the Border to extend its territory into England and broaden the ethos of undemocratic rule.

The Scotland Office says this is just a "tidying up" exercise.

No - this is undemocratic, the Scottish Executive is Scottish, it exists to represent the electorate in Scotland, is only accountable to the electorate in Scotland, and should have no say in England.

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An e-mail from Mr G. Phillips, of South Cambridgeshire...

This is what happens what the UK Parliament "represents" England's interests. It doesn't do it. This is a dangerous precedent. Give the Scottish Parliament an inch, and it will take a lot more.

It just goes to show, despite recent news articles about devolution issues, that the crowd in Westminster don't give a fig for democracy in England.

At least the Berwick On Tweed MP has spoken out. Hopefully local people will be making a noise too. Whether this is a slippery slope or a one-off, the Scottish Parliament should have no jurisdiction in England.


Sylv of Salford is annoyed by this, the latest example of Scottish arrogance in England...

So the Scottish Parliament is extending its remit to England is it? On whose say-so? And why isn't it accountable to the English people, fishing on those English rivers? This is just another example of England being sold up the river (literally, in this case) by the Scottish Raj at Westminster. The Scots and PC dominated UK Government should not be allowed to surrender the democratic rights of English citizens to Scottish dictate. Little Hitlers!

RJ writes:

They do it because they can. The Scots have always been unhappy with the border, and have always wanted what they shouldn't have. Now, in cahoots with the evil Scottish and Welsh MPs controlling Westminster, we see apartheid and dictates, with the Scots and Welsh cracking the whips over the heads of snivelling gravy train riding English MPs and the powerless English electorate.

Look at Peter Hain - digging up cricket pitches to protest at apartheid in 1969, now backing the policy as it is applied to England; look at Tony Blair - the grinning psycho, who enlisted the advice of Mrs Thatcher when he came to power, and then shat all over England; look at Gordon Brown - "British"? Hah - as Scottish as a bowl of haggis - accept haggis was originally Greek, I believe. As with most things, Scottish culture, so jealously guarded, is stolen from elsewhere.

This Scottish and Welsh evil elite must be stopped. Write, phone, wave banners, protest. Give 'em hell!



Greg from Cumbria writes...

This is asymmetric devolution in action. England is the rump of the UK, with no one to speak up for it, and Scotland is, in Tony Blair's own words, "a proud, historic nation within the UK". So it gets to coerce and dictate.

Similar to the rivers scandal is the even bigger scandal of the UK Government altering the Maritime Boundary between England and Scotland so that Scotland gets more of the oil. Did England speak up? NO, because it wasn't asked. It was the decision of a Scots dominated UK Government to do something which tremendously benefited Scotland to the detriment of England.

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