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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kevin Butcher of Hampshire Fire Brigade - PC Prig or Anti-English Bigot?

Here we go again. Auntie Beeb has just reported this:

A fire service has banned crews from flying England flags during the World Cup because it is afraid they could offend other nationalities.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said the ban has been imposed out of fear that St George's Crosses on the engines could upset some communities.

Fire boss Kevin Butcher said that the fire service had a responsibility to be "inclusive of all nationalities".

But crews said the service had gone too far because of political correctness.

Jim Buck, crew manager at Gosport fire station, said: "I do not think the public would have a problem with the flags as we just want to support our country in the World Cup."

Mr Butcher, who is the brigade's head of operational delivery, sent a memo to all stations in Hampshire advising crews of the ban.

Just who is Kevin Butcher really? A PC prig? An anti-English bigot? For heaven's sake, the Cross of St George has been flying at 10, Downing Street during the World Cup. It is the national flag of England. Is Mr Butcher really telling us that people who choose to live in this country are offended by its national flag and want us to give it up?

The flag is deemed OK to fly above 10 Downing Street, but not on Hampshire fire engines.

Just what IS your game, Mr Butcher?


I look to John at the England Project as a bit of a voice of sanity when I get stirred up about things, and he has written to Hampshire fire brigade and received this reply. I'm not totally convinced as it does not explain why Kevin Butcher said that the fire service had a duty to be "inclusive of all nationalities" (and therefore not fly England's flag!). But even if this is a whitewash job on the part of the fire service, it's better to offer this reason than to leave Mr Butcher's statement hanging in the air.

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