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Thursday, June 01, 2006

GMTV Report on Scotland's Lack of Support for the England Football Team...

I was roused from my slumbers this morning by the phone ringing. It was an old pal of mine, reporting that ITV 1's breakfast telly channel GMTV was covering the "issue" of Scotland's lack of support for England in the coming World Cup.

I'm not a great footie fan, and I have enough trouble coping with a bowl of muesli to ever bother with breakfast TV in the morning, but my pal's news interested me. I personally don't think it's at all odd or wrong that most people in Scotland don't support the English football team. Why on earth should they? It's the way many folk north of the border buy the opposing teams' strips I find childish. But, to return to the GMTV report, it seems to me that the media in the past didn't pay much attention to the attitudes of Scots regarding English football. This year seems different. I have read several articles on the subject.

I wonder what it all means?

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