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Sunday, June 04, 2006

BBC - The Office Site - Scottish and Welsh bias?

Had a very funny e-mail from Dave in Slough last night - all about the BBC's Office website. Remember that show - Ricky Gervais as David Brent, emotionally needy and all-round pain of an office manager, Peter Purves as Peter Purves, star of a cheesy, 1980s training film, and Ben Bradshaw as somebody in the background who once had his trousers removed?

Excellent. Well, Dave thinks that the BBC's website on the Office theme is great, but the featured map is perhaps evidence of Little Scotlanders and Little Walesians on the design team. Why? Because of the Tartan Bitter "Brewed In Scotland" ashtray featured in the smoking room and the empty Welsh water bottle in Dawn's bin at reception shown above.

Dave suggests that it's highly odd that the only two distinctively British products featured on the map are from the "nations" of the "UK". Couldn't there at least have been some indication of the fact that the show was set in England? A faded "Come On England" sticker on Jamie's computer, for instance?

Don't be silly, Dave - this is the BBC!

Hmmm... I'm not absolutely convinced that this particular incident IS evidence of the BBC's Scottish and Welsh bias (which undoubtedly exists), Dave, but then I'm an innocent and trusting soul.

Who knows?

Anyway, thanks for the e-mail.

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